Embracing Our Losses Embracing Our Losses


"A loving heart is the truest wisdom." ~~ Charles Dickens

Susan Wolterstorff Testimonials

"Susan Wolterstorff is a treasure. Her clarity, compassion and years of study and service in grief counseling, body-mind healing and coping with chronic illness make her a very effective companion for your journey."

Joan Borysenko Ph.D.
Author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Susan Wolterstorff, both as a colleague and later as my personal coach. In times of high stress, grief and confusion, she brings to her clients a unique blend of compassionate understanding and decisive guidance. With her extensive training and experience, Susan uses a collaborative approach that engages the client in his/her own process along the path toward healing. Her clients benefit from her gentle reassurance, respectful manner and valuable insights. I highly recommend Susan Wolterstorff to anyone seeking clarity, the expression and acceptance of feelings, peace of mind and a reconnection with one’s true self. She is truly a blessing to anyone who has lost his/her center and wishes to find it again."

Business Executive and Professional Coach
St Paul, Minnesota

"Susan Wolterstorff enrolled at the Center for Loss and Life Transitions in order to deepen her skills in companioning individuals on the journey of grief and mourning. In the process of learning from Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D. and the other participants, Susan also shared her own stories of loss, healing and transformation. Throughout the two-year training, I observed Susan to be consistently respectful, sensitive, warm, non-judgmental and very heart-centered. In the group setting, she demonstrated a unique ability to put others at ease and was a compassionate listener to each of the stories of grief and loss. She also made meaningful group contributions , as well life-long friendships. It was a true pleasure to see Susan receive her certification in Death and Grief Studies. She is a very fine grief companion"

Kathy Anderson
Former Seminar Coordinator
Center for Loss & Life Transitions
Fort Collins, Colorado

"I have known Susan Wolterstorff for many years and have had the privilege of benefiting from many of her services. Having gone through several different life transitions, including retirement, relocations, health issues and the death of two close family members, I found her companioning and coaching skills to be of the highest quality. Susan creates an atmosphere of safety, warmth, and total acceptance, along with incredible deep listening skills. Susan is an authentic professional, with a genuine heart-centered manner and a deep wisdom, which I find exceptional. Susan really knows how to empower me, so that I can find my own way and solutions. With her support, I have found myself over and over again."

Duluth, Minnesota

"Having trained hundreds of coaches for over ten years, I am keenly aware of those who are gifted in the profession. Thus, it is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Susan Wolterstorff. Not only does Susan demonstrate her masterful skill set in coaching and body-mind self-care practices; but it is also Susan's compassionate manner and ability to facilitate individuals to go to the deepest level of expression, which make her so valuable to the healing process. With an extensive background for helping others, Susan consistently models a rare level of integrity, a natural sense of immediate presence and the expertise to create for her clients an environment of safety and trust, in order for them to do the work of grief and loss. Susan is not only a woman of the "heart and soul" with her tender and sensitive manner, but she also has the ability to balance her coaching relationships with focus, organization, creativity and a genuine caring and support of her clients. She is a most respected coach and a real blessing to individuals, who find themselves in a place of needing to take the journey through grief, mourning, self-care, healing and transformation."

Rebecca McLean
Founder & Director of The Circle of Life Coaching System
Health Action, Inc.
Santa Barbara, California

"During a period of a major crossroad in my life, I had the opportunity to work with Susan Wolterstorff. After speaking with her in detail about my loss, I knew I wanted and needed to take the process even deeper. It was at that point that Susan suggested a body/mind method, where I could possibly experience my profound level of pain, grief and suffering. In her presence, I felt comfortable and trusting of the process. As a result, with her genuine caring and support, I was able to ‘let go’ and express my feelings of anger, fear and sadness, so I could emotionally breathe again. It was also through this experience, I was able to continue to find my own path to healing and wholeness."

Medical Social Worker
Los Angeles, California

"Susan Wolterstorff is a kind, compassionate person. She is very committed to her clients and is very comprehensive and passionate in her work. She approaches life with a unique style of presence, wisdom, spirit and a heartfelt sense of humor. It is a pleasure having Susan as a colleague in the coaching profession."

Mirtha Solis, President
The Meta Institute
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"There is no coming to consciousness without pain." ~~ Carl Jung

Susan WolterstorffSusan Wolterstorff